Our vision

Strategy Consulting International (SCI) has been a trusted partner for organizations seeking to advance their mandates through modernized technology, streamlined operations, and secure technological infrastructure. Our mission is to create innovative and sustainable solutions that enable our clients to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. We have partnered with a diverse range of clients across Canada, including Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government Departments and Agencies, Universities, and Corporations, building a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Advanced Analytics

At SCI, our advanced analytics process utilizes various techniques, including mathematical and statistical methods, as well as cutting-edge technologies like deep learning and blockchain. Our approach enables us to identify previously hidden data relationships, providing our clients with valuable insights into their operations.

AI, Machine Learning, & Application Development
Custom AI solutions can help your organization expand its operations, enhance its workforce, and increase its expertise. With the ability to scale to meet your needs, AI solutions can provide the personalized support you need to achieve your business objectives. Let us help you leverage the power of AI to drive growth and success for your organization.

Business Analytics & Data Visualization
Our goal is to help you turn raw information into meaningful, actionable insights. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced analytics, we can transform data into valuable knowledge that can inform your decision-making and drive your business forward. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Data Platforming & Integration
We offer comprehensive solutions to help you manage every aspect of your data estate. From storage and governance to security and management, we provide the tools and expertise you need to ensure that your data is always safe, secure, and accessible. Let us help you take control of your data and drive your organization forward with confidence.

Financial & Operational Performance Management
Forecast future trends, enhance visibility into your operations, and make better-informed business decisions with our solutions. By leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies, we help you gain a deeper understanding of your business and industry, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve and drive success.



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